Rulebreakers promo – Team 2

Team 2 of Rulebreakers is here and it is a HUGE one! It has amazing options from all 5 top leagues. In case you needed a refresher, you can find Team 1 HERE.

The star of the show is undoubtedly Frank Ribery, especially considering he just announced his retirement! 90 rated CF, great pace and dribbling.

It is uncertain whether he is going to get an End of an Era card or not, but this Rulebreaker card looks amazing.

We also got two great Spanish players, both with huge pace boosts. Sergio Ramos and Thiago Alcantara can be used in Ligue 1/Prem teams, but they also link together. Speaking of the Premier League, Kai Havertz also got a nice CAM card, a nice all rounded midfielder or attacker, as he can play CF and ST as well.

Ligue 1 got two nice cards in Payet and Sissoko, old FIFA favorites. As usual, Payet is the offensive one, Sissoko is the defensive mid. Best from the Bundesliga are Lacroix and Meunier, both got nice upgrades. Meunier in particular got a pace boost, making him one of the better RB options in BuLi.