La Liga – Matchday 25

Real Madrid drops points against Rayo, Athletic Bilbao beats Girona, as FC Barcelona and Atletico get closer to the top 2. Round 25 of the Spanish La Liga delivered the goods!


16.2.2024 20:00*Villarreal*Villarreal1*Getafe*Getafe1
17.2.2024 13:00*Atletico Madrid*Atletico Madrid5*Las Palmas*Las Palmas0
17.2.2024 15:15*Osasuna*Osasuna2*Cadiz*Cadiz0
17.2.2024 17:30*Celta Vigo*Celta Vigo1*Barcelona*Barcelona2
17.2.2024 20:00*Valencia*Valencia0*Sevilla*Sevilla0
18.2.2024 13:00*Rayo Vallecano*Rayo Vallecano1*Real Madrid*Real Madrid1
18.2.2024 15:15*Granada CF*Granada CF1*Almeria*Almeria1
18.2.2024 17:30*Mallorca*Mallorca1*Real Sociedad*Real Sociedad2
18.2.2024 20:00*Real Betis*Real Betis0*Alaves*Alaves0
19.2.2024 20:00*Athletic Club*Athletic Club3*Girona*Girona2

The round kicked off with Villarreal facing Getafe, resulting in a 1-1 draw as both teams battled evenly. In a standout match, Atletico Madrid dominated Las Palmas with a 5-0 victory, leaving Las Palmas empty-handed. Osasuna secured a 2-0 win against Cadiz in another intriguing fixture.

Celta Vigo fell short against Barcelona, with a final score of 1-2 in Barcelona’s favor. Last minute Lewandowski penalty sealed the deal. Valencia and Sevilla played to a goalless draw, sharing the points. Rayo Vallecano and Real Madrid ended their match in a 1-1 draw, with neither side emerging victorious. This hurts Ancelotti’s side, but they still remain confident leaders.

Granada CF and Almeria settled for a 1-1 draw in their clash. Real Sociedad claimed a 2-1 victory over Mallorca, taking all three points. Real Betis and Alaves ended their match in a goalless draw. Athletic Club secured a 3-2 win against Girona in the final match of the round.


1*Real Madrid*Real Madrid25195153 : 1662
2*Girona*Girona25175354 : 3256
3*Barcelona*Barcelona25166352 : 3454
4*Atletico Madrid*Atletico Madrid25163650 : 2651
5*Athletic Club*Athletic Club25147445 : 2349
6*Real Sociedad*Real Sociedad251010534 : 2340
7*Real Betis*Real Betis25912428 : 2539
8*Valencia*Valencia25106929 : 2936
9*Las Palmas*Las Palmas251051025 : 2535
10*Getafe*Getafe25810733 : 3434
11*Osasuna*Osasuna25951129 : 3632
12*Alaves*Alaves25771124 : 3128
13*Villarreal*Villarreal25681135 : 4726
14*Rayo Vallecano*Rayo Vallecano255101022 : 3325
15*Sevilla*Sevilla25591130 : 3724
16*Mallorca*Mallorca254111022 : 3323
17*Celta Vigo*Celta Vigo25481327 : 3720
18*Cadiz*Cadiz252111215 : 3517
19*Granada CF*Granada CF25281527 : 4914
20*Almeria*Almeria25081723 : 528