This is Qatar’s squad for the World Cup, as selected by Spanish coach, Félix Sánchez. The final squad was announced on 11 November 2022.

Qatar qualified to the World Cup due to the fact that they are the hosts of the tournament. They are in Group A, together with Ecuador, Senegal and the Netherlands.

Pos.PlayerDate of birth (age)CapsGoalsClub
GKSaad Al-Sheeb19 February 1990 (aged 32)760Al-Sadd
GKMeshaal Barsham14 February 1998 (aged 24)200Al-Sadd
GKYousef Hassan24 May 1996 (aged 26)70Al-Gharafa
DFAbdelkarim Hassan28 August 1993 (aged 29)13015Al-Sadd
DFBoualem Khoukhi7 September 1990 (aged 32)10520Al-Sadd
DFRó-Ró6 August 1990 (aged 32)801Al-Sadd
DFIsmaeel Mohammad5 April 1990 (aged 32)704Al-Duhail
DFBassam Al-Rawi16 December 1997 (aged 24)582Al-Duhail
DFTarek Salman5 December 1997 (aged 24)580Al-Sadd
DFMusab Kheder26 September 1993 (aged 29)300Al-Sadd
DFHomam Ahmed25 August 1999 (aged 23)292Al-Gharafa
DFJassem Gaber20 February 2002 (aged 20)00Al-Arabi
MFKarim Boudiaf16 September 1990 (aged 32)1156Al-Duhail
MFAbdulaziz Hatem28 October 1990 (aged 32)10711Al-Rayyan
MFAli Assadalla19 January 1993 (aged 29)5912Al-Sadd
MFAssim Madibo22 October 1996 (aged 26)430Al-Duhail
MFSalem Al-Hajri10 April 1996 (aged 26)220Al-Sadd
MFMohammed Waad18 September 1999 (aged 23)210Al-Sadd
MFMostafa Tarek28 March 2001 (aged 21)10Al-Sadd
FWHassan Al-Haydos (captain)11 December 1990 (aged 31)16936Al-Sadd
FWAkram Afif18 November 1996 (aged 26)8926Al-Sadd
FWAlmoez Ali19 August 1996 (aged 26)8542Al-Duhail
FWMohammed Muntari20 December 1993 (aged 28)4813Al-Duhail
FWAhmed Alaaeldin31 January 1993 (aged 29)472Al-harafa
FWKhalid Muneer24 February 1998 (aged 24)20Al-Wakrah
FWNaif Al-Hadhrami18 July 2001 (aged 21)10Al-Rayyan