Regional Dream Teams

This is the main page for our REGIONAL DREAM TEAMS project! You can find all the information on the process and on the teams.

PHASE 1: Nominee collection

In this phase, we gather the nominees for each region/position combination. This is done by football fans adding player names on Twitter and Facebook for each region, under the post for each seperate position. These nominees are all gathered and added to the website.

PHASE 2: Voting

Voting will be conducted on an unspecified platform to determine the full squad of 26 players for each region. Check the list of regions below. Voting will be based on position and a set number of players will get into the team from each position. The exact number will be determined at a later stage.

Note: Each squad will have 26 players and a starting 11 will be picked from the players with the most votes. The vote will not be 100% based on community vote.

PHASE 3: Team presentations

Stay tuned for this one, it’s going to be a blast, with a lot of surprises!



  • A player must be currently active, ie not retired. Players without clubs are also eligible though.
  • A player must play for a national team from the respective region, or at least should not be selected for any other national team, outside of the region.
  • A player can be nominated to more than one position, if he has more than one position in which he is comfortable in.
  • Nominations in phase 1 are not closed until phase 2 starts.
  • Each team will have 3 goalkeepers, 4-5 central defenders, 4 fullbacks, 5-6 central midfielders, 4 wingers and 4-5 strikers.