Bundesliga – Matchday 12

Delving into the midst of the German Bundesliga season, the competition remains a spectacle. In Round 12, victors emerged, disappointments were felt, and surprises ensued, yet Bayer Leverkusen and Bayern continue their impressive stride. Let us dissect the latest results and the BuLi standings.


24.11.2023 21:30*FC Koln*FC Koln0*Bayern Munich*Bayern Munich1
25.11.2023 16:30*Borussia Dortmund*Borussia Dortmund4*Borussia Monchengladbach*Borussia Monchengl…2
25.11.2023 16:30*Union Berlin*Union Berlin1*FC Augsburg*FC Augsburg1
25.11.2023 16:30*SC Freiburg*SC Freiburg1*SV Darmstadt 98*SV Darmstadt 981
25.11.2023 16:30*VfL Wolfsburg*VfL Wolfsburg2*RB Leipzig*RB Leipzig1
25.11.2023 16:30*Werder Bremen*Werder Bremen0*Bayer Leverkusen*Bayer Leverkusen3
25.11.2023 19:30*Eintracht Frankfurt*Eintracht Frankfurt1*VfB Stuttgart*VfB Stuttgart2
26.11.2023 16:30*FC Heidenheim*FC Heidenheim0*VfL BOCHUM*VfL BOCHUM0
26.11.2023 18:30*1899 Hoffenheim*1899 Hoffenheim1*FSV Mainz 05*FSV Mainz 051

On Friday, the action commenced with an intense duel between FC Koln and Bayern Munich, culminating in a 0-1 win for Bayern. Borussia Dortmund clashed against Borussia Monchengladbach, resulting in a resolute 4-2 victory for Dortmund.

Meanwhile, VfL Wolfsburg triumphed over RB Leipzig with a 2-1 win. Werder Bremen faced Bayer Leverkusen, experiencing a challenging 0-3 defeat against Xabi’s men. In another significant encounter, Eintracht Frankfurt and VfB Stuttgart locked horns, concluding in a hard-fought 1-2 victory for VfB Stuttgart.

It was a round of draws, as Union drew against Augsburg, Freiburg drew against Darmastad, Heindeheim shared points with Bochum and Hoffenheim and Mainz got a point each.


1*Bayer Leverkusen*Bayer Leverkusen12111037 : 1034
2*Bayern Munich*Bayern Munich12102043 : 932
3*VfB Stuttgart*VfB Stuttgart1290331 : 1527
4*Borussia Dortmund*Borussia Dortmund1273225 : 1924
5*RB Leipzig*RB Leipzig1272329 : 1223
6*1899 Hoffenheim*1899 Hoffenheim1262424 : 2120
7*Eintracht Frankfurt*Eintracht Frankfurt1246218 : 1318
8*VfL Wolfsburg*VfL Wolfsburg1251617 : 2116
9*SC Freiburg*SC Freiburg1243515 : 2315
10*FC Augsburg*FC Augsburg1235421 : 2414
11*Borussia Monchengladbach*Borussia Monchengladbach1234525 : 2713
12*Werder Bremen*Werder Bremen1232718 : 2511
13*FC Heidenheim*FC Heidenheim1232717 : 2611
14*VfL BOCHUM*VfL BOCHUM1217411 : 2510
15*SV Darmstadt 98*SV Darmstadt 981223715 : 339
16*FSV Mainz 05*FSV Mainz 051215612 : 258
17*Union Berlin*Union Berlin1221912 : 277
18*FC Koln*FC Koln121389 : 246

Bayer Leverkusen holding strong as leaders, still with the 2 points lead over Bayern Munchen. Vfb Stuttgart completes the podium, with Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig close by
FC Koln are still last and not looking good. Union Berlin, despite finally NOT losing a game are 17th. Darmstadt and Mainz also yet to hit double digits.

Top Scorers

Harry KaneBayern Munich1218
Serhou GuirassyVfB Stuttgart1015
Loïs OpendaRB Leipzig129
Jonas WindVfL Wolfsburg129
Leroy SanéBayern Munich128
Victor Okoh BonifaceBayer Leverkusen127
Ermedin DemirovićFC Augsburg127
Alejandro GrimaldoBayer Leverkusen127
Deniz UndavVfB Stuttgart97
Maximilian Beier1899 Hoffenheim126

Harry Kane with an amazing 18 goals from 12 apps.