Champions League 23/24 – Group Stage – Round 2

Relive the excitement of the Champions League this week, as we analyze the results and standings after Matchday 2. European football showcased its best, and we’ll break down the thrilling moments and surprises that unfolded.


Tue Oct 03 2023Union Berlin2SC Braga3
Tue Oct 03 2023Red Bull Salzburg0Real Sociedad2
Tue Oct 03 2023Manchester United2Galatasaray3
Tue Oct 03 2023FC Copenhagen1Bayern Munich2
Tue Oct 03 2023Lens2Arsenal1
Tue Oct 03 2023PSV Eindhoven2Sevilla2
Tue Oct 03 2023Napoli2Real Madrid3
Tue Oct 03 2023Inter1Benfica0
Wed Oct 04 2023Atletico Madrid3Feyenoord2
Wed Oct 04 2023Antwerp2Shakhtar Donetsk3
Wed Oct 04 2023Celtic1Lazio2
Wed Oct 04 2023Borussia Dortmund0AC Milan0
Wed Oct 04 2023Newcastle4Paris Saint Germain1
Wed Oct 04 2023RB Leipzig1Manchester City3
Wed Oct 04 2023FK Crvena Zvezda2BSC Young Boys2
Wed Oct 04 2023FC Porto0Barcelona1

On Tuesday, Union Berlin clashed with SC Braga, resulting in a 3-2 win for the Portuguese side. Real Sociedad triumphed 2-0 over Red Bull Salzburg, while Galatasaray edged out Manchester United 3-2 in a close contest.

Bayern Munich secured a surprisingly hard-fought 2-1 win against FC Copenhagen, while Lens surprised with a 2-1 victory over Arsenal. Saka also got injured to end a horrible night for Arteta. PSV Eindhoven and Sevilla played to a thrilling 2-2 draw, and Real Madrid narrowly beat Napoli 3-2. Inter managed a 1-0 win over Benfica.

On Wednesday, Atletico Madrid narrowly defeated Feyenoord 3-2, Shakhtar Donetsk came back from 0-2 to win 3-2 against Antwerp, and Lazio secured a 2-1 victory over Celtic. Borussia Dortmund and AC Milan played out a goalless draw, and Newcastle shocked with a 4-1 win over Paris Saint-Germain.

Manchester City continued their strong run with a 3-1 victory over RB Leipzig, while FK Crvena Zvezda and BSC Young Boys played to an exciting 2-2 draw. Barcelona secured a 1-0 win over FC Porto in a closely contested match. These midweek clashes delivered a whirlwind of action and unpredictability for football fans worldwide.


After gameweek 2, it is hard to draw conclusions over the standings, however teams like Bayern, Real Madrid, City or Barcelona are emerging as clear favorites with maximum points. Man Utd or Benfica will have the work cut out for them, as they stand on 0 points.

#Group ATeamPlayedWinDrawLoseGoalsPoints
1*Bayern Munich*Bayern Munich22006 : 46
2*Galatasaray*Galatasaray21105 : 44
3*FC Copenhagen*FC Copenhagen20113 : 41
4*Manchester United*Manchester United20025 : 70
#Group BTeamPlayedWinDrawLoseGoalsPoints
1*Lens*Lens21103 : 24
2*Arsenal*Arsenal21015 : 23
3*Sevilla*Sevilla20203 : 32
4*PSV Eindhoven*PSV Eindhoven20112 : 61
#Group CTeamPlayedWinDrawLoseGoalsPoints
1*Real Madrid*Real Madrid22004 : 26
2*Napoli*Napoli21014 : 43
3*SC Braga*SC Braga21014 : 43
4*Union Berlin*Union Berlin20022 : 40
#Group DTeamPlayedWinDrawLoseGoalsPoints
1*Real Sociedad*Real Sociedad21103 : 14
2*Inter*Inter21102 : 14
3*Red Bull Salzburg*Red Bull Salzburg21012 : 23
4*Benfica*Benfica20020 : 30
#Group ETeamPlayedWinDrawLoseGoalsPoints
1*Atletico Madrid*Atletico Madrid21104 : 34
2*Lazio*Lazio21103 : 24
3*Feyenoord*Feyenoord21014 : 33
4*Celtic*Celtic20021 : 40
#Group FTeamPlayedWinDrawLoseGoalsPoints
1*Newcastle*Newcastle21104 : 14
2*Paris Saint Germain*Paris Saint Germain21013 : 43
3*AC Milan*AC Milan20200 : 02
4*Borussia Dortmund*Borussia Dortmund20110 : 21
#Group GTeamPlayedWinDrawLoseGoalsPoints
1*Manchester City*Manchester City22006 : 26
2*RB Leipzig*RB Leipzig21014 : 43
3*BSC Young Boys*BSC Young Boys20113 : 51
4*FK Crvena Zvezda*FK Crvena Zvezda20113 : 51
#Group HTeamPlayedWinDrawLoseGoalsPoints
1*Barcelona*Barcelona22006 : 06
2*FC Porto*FC Porto21013 : 23
3*Shakhtar Donetsk*Shakhtar Donetsk21014 : 53
4*Antwerp*Antwerp20022 : 80

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