My UCL Fantasy Team – Round of 16, 1st leg

Greatings football fans! The Champions League is back and so is UCL Fantasy Football! Let’s see a quick roundup of our new team.

Who to replace? / Who to add?

Usually we check every player one by one, as we get only a limited amount of transfers. Well this time we can make as many transfers as we want, so it will be more of a quick rundown.

Even though Benfica don’t have a hard opponent, Neres has been up and down lately and we wanted to bring a great Striker in. Who better, than in-form Napoli’s Osimhen? Similar situation with Werner, Leipzig faces City, Kane has a good chance of banging a few versus Milan, who have not been good lately.

In midfield we switch Pedri with Enzo. Barcelona got eliminated, so this makes a lot of sense. Enzo is one of the top transfers of the January transfer window and he already bagged an assist for Chelsea. In defense we remove one midfielder/defender and add a similar player. Kostic and Juve got eliminated, Perisic is a constant fixture for Spurs.

We also made two keeper changes, in comes Bayern’s new number 1, due to Neuer’s injury(Sommer) and the same old Courtois. Yes, we believe PSG will not score a lot of goals. Is it wrong? Perhaps. Still, Courtois is a good backup.

Final Squad

Here we go, this is our team! This week we have Kane, the Bayern boys and Enzo. Real Madrid, Napoli and Inter all play next week.

How many points are we getting? Is this a 100 points round or what?