Premier League – Matchday 17

The Premier League season is almost halfway through, and the excitement is just starting to build. We’ve seen some incredible upsets, some stunning victories, and some teams start to emerge as clear frontrunners. Let’s take a look at the current state of the league and see what the rest of the season holds.


15.12.2023 22:00*Nottingham Forest*Nottingham Forest0*Tottenham*Tottenham2
16.12.2023 17:00*Bournemouth*Bournemouth0*Luton*Luton0
16.12.2023 17:00*Chelsea*Chelsea2*Sheffield Utd*Sheffield Utd0
16.12.2023 17:00*Manchester City*Manchester City2*Crystal Palace*Crystal Palace2
16.12.2023 17:00*Newcastle*Newcastle3*Fulham*Fulham0
16.12.2023 19:30*Burnley*Burnley0*Everton*Everton2
17.12.2023 16:00*Arsenal*Arsenal2*Brighton*Brighton0
17.12.2023 16:00*Brentford*Brentford1*Aston Villa*Aston Villa2
17.12.2023 16:00*West Ham*West Ham3*Wolves*Wolves0
17.12.2023 18:30*Liverpool*Liverpool0*Manchester United*Manchester United0

The latest round of Premier League fixtures saw Tottenham securing a confident victory against Nottingham Forest with a 2-0 win, while Bournemouth and Luton played to a goalless draw. Chelsea finally get something going their way, triumphing over Sheffield United 2-0. Manchester City and Crystal Palace shared the spoils in an exciting 2-2 draw.

Newcastle had a dominant display, securing a 3-0 victory over Fulham, while Everton defeated Burnley with a 2-0 win. Arsenal secured a comfortable 2-0 victory against Brighton. Aston Villa edged past Brentford with a 2-1 win, and West Ham emerged victorious with a 3-0 win over Wolves. Lastly, Liverpool and Manchester United played out a goalless draw in an intense encounter in the highlight match of the round.


1*Arsenal*Arsenal17123235 : 1539
2*Aston Villa*Aston Villa17122337 : 2138
3*Liverpool*Liverpool16114136 : 1537
4*Manchester City*Manchester City17104340 : 2034
5*Tottenham*Tottenham17103435 : 2333
6*Newcastle*Newcastle1792636 : 2129
7*West Ham*West Ham1783629 : 3027
8*Manchester United*Manchester United1690718 : 2127
9*Brighton*Brighton1775533 : 3026
10*Chelsea*Chelsea1764728 : 2622
11*Fulham*Fulham1763826 : 2921
12*Brentford*Brentford1754824 : 2419
13*Wolves*Wolves1754821 : 2919
14*Bournemouth*Bournemouth1654721 : 3019
15*Crystal Palace*Crystal Palace1745817 : 2517
16*Everton*Everton1782722 : 2016
17*Nottingham Forest*Nottingham Forest1735917 : 3014
18*Luton*Luton16231117 : 329
19*Burnley*Burnley17221316 : 368
20*Sheffield Utd*Sheffield Utd17221312 : 438

Arsenal continued their impressive form, jumping to the top of the table with 39 points from 17 games, showcasing their prowess with 35 goals scored. Aston Villa staying strong in the second spot, just trailing Arsenal by a single point, displaying an excellent goal difference of 37:21 and an impressive 12 wins from 17 matches. Liverpool is showcasing consistency, currently occupying third position with 37 points from 16 games, showing their offensive capability with 36 goals and resilience with just 15 goals conceded.

Manchester City maintained their top-four standing, sitting in fourth place with 34 points, highlighted by their 40 goals scored and a goal difference of 20.

Tottenham and Newcastle are closely contesting for the top spots, currently fifth and sixth positions respectively, with Tottenham accumulating 33 points and Newcastle securing 29 points.

Crystal Palace, Everton, Nottingham Forest, Luton, Burnley, and Sheffield United aimed to climb the table in the coming fixtures, showcasing determination despite their current standings.