Premier League – Matchday 3

Three rounds down in the Premier League and Man City are already looking down on other teams from the first spot. Can any of the follower teams catch them? This and much more in Matchday 3 of the Premier League!


26.8.2023Brentford1Crystal Palace1
26.8.2023Manchester United3Nottingham Forest2
26.8.2023Brighton1West Ham3
27.8.2023Burnley1Aston Villa3
27.8.2023Sheffield Utd1Manchester City2

Kicking off the round, we had a clash between Chelsea and Luton. The scoreboard eventually read 3-0 in favor of Chelsea, a decisive win that bagged them three points. This game signaled the first triumph under the Pochettino era. In another showdown, Bournemouth went head-to-head with their fellow London rivals, Tottenham. The final result tilted in favor of Tottenham, with a 0-2 scoreline, granting them the coveted three points. The arrival of Ange Postecoglou seemed to have an instant positive effect on the team, setting an encouraging tone for his tenure, even with the departure of Harry Kane to Bayern.

The football continued as Arsenal battled Fulham, resulting in a thrilling 2-2 draw after 90 minutes. This surprising outcome marked Arteta’s squad dropping points for the first time this season. Manchester United’s clash with Nottingham Forest was nothing short of gripping, ending with a 3-2 victory for Manchester United. Nottingham Forest put up a valiant fight but fell short in the end. In another headline fixture, Sheffield United faced off against Manchester City, culminating in a 2-1 win for City and leaving Sheffield United empty-handed.

At the end of the round, all eyes turned to the showdown between Newcastle and Liverpool. An early lead for Newcastle, combined with a slip by Trent and a red card for Van Dijk, made it seem like Howe and the boy have this in the big, however, Liverpool managed to turn the tide, emerging victorious with a 1-2 scoreline.


1Manchester City33006 : 19
2West Ham32107 : 37
3Tottenham32106 : 27
4Liverpool32106 : 37
5Arsenal32105 : 37
6Brighton32019 : 56
7Aston Villa32018 : 66
8Manchester United32014 : 46
9Brentford31206 : 35
10Chelsea31115 : 44
11Crystal Palace31112 : 24
12Fulham31113 : 54
13Newcastle31026 : 43
14Nottingham Forest31025 : 63
15Wolves31022 : 53
16Bournemouth30122 : 61
17Sheffield Utd30032 : 50
18Burnley20021 : 60
19Luton20021 : 70
20Everton30030 : 60

Manchester City are first, maximum points. They are followed by 4 teams with 7 points, namely West Ham, Tottenham, Liverpool and Arsenal. A couple of teams on 6 as well.
Everton are still last and not looking good, with 0 points. Also 0 next to Luton and Burnley’s name, but they have a match in hand. Sheffield United also on big 0.