Premier League – Matchday 8

As we dive into the heart of the Premier League season with the 8th round, the competitiveness of the league is reaching peak levels. This weekend’s fixtures promised thrilling encounters, like the much anticipated Arsenal vs. Man City game. Join us as we unravel the drama of Premier League, Matchday 8.


7.10.2023Fulham3Sheffield Utd1
7.10.2023Manchester United2Brentford1
7.10.2023Crystal Palace0Nottingham Forest0
8.10.2023West Ham2Newcastle2
8.10.2023Wolves1Aston Villa1
8.10.2023Arsenal1Manchester City0

In the opening match of the weekend on Saturday, Luton faced off against Tottenham. The final score stood at 0-1, with a resilient ten-man Tottenham securing all three points. Another pivotal encounter of the day saw Burnley taking on Chelsea, resulting in a 1-4 victory for Chelsea, clinching a convincing win. In a highly anticipated clash, Manchester United went head-to-head with Brentford, with the match concluding 2-1 in favor of Manchester United, thanks to a last-minute McTominay double.

Shifting to Sunday’s action, Brighton and Liverpool locked horns, resulting in an intense 2-2 draw. In a crucial showdown, West Ham battled Newcastle, and both teams ultimately settled for a 2-2 draw, sharing the points. Wrapping up the matchday, the spotlight was on the major derby as Arsenal faced off against Manchester City. The match concluded with a 1-0 victory for Arsenal, securing a valuable three points. Martinelli with a deflected shot managed to beat Ederson.

Additionally, Everton and Fulham also emerged victorious in their respective fixtures.


1*Tottenham*Tottenham862018 : 820
2*Arsenal*Arsenal862016 : 620
3*Manchester City*Manchester City860217 : 618
4*Liverpool*Liverpool852118 : 917
5*Aston Villa*Aston Villa851219 : 1216
6*Brighton*Brighton851221 : 1616
7*West Ham*West Ham842215 : 1214
8*Newcastle*Newcastle841320 : 913
9*Crystal Palace*Crystal Palace83327 : 712
10*Manchester United*Manchester United84049 : 1212
11*Chelsea*Chelsea832311 : 711
12*Fulham*Fulham83238 : 1311
13*Nottingham Forest*Nottingham Forest82338 : 109
14*Wolves*Wolves82249 : 148
15*Brentford*Brentford814311 : 127
16*Everton*Everton82159 : 127
17*Luton*Luton81166 : 154
18*Burnley*Burnley81167 : 204
19*Bournemouth*Bournemouth80355 : 183
20*Sheffield Utd*Sheffield Utd80176 : 221

At the summit of the table, North London duo, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal share the lead with 20 points each, demonstrating their attacking prowess and unbeaten runs. Just behind, Manchester City remains a force to be reckoned with at 18 points, while Liverpool and Aston Villa are not far behind, showcasing their resilience and goal-scoring abilities.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing as some teams grapple with early-season challenges. Luton, Burnley, Bournemouth, and Sheffield United are all working tirelessly to improve their standings and make their mark in this fiercely competitive league.