World Cup Group Stage predictions

Only a couple of days until the World Cup officially kicks off, so we thought it would be about time we release our predictions. Read below!

Group A

1 Netherlands
2 Senegal
3 Qatar 
4 Ecuador

Oh right, starting up with a controversial pick. We have no doubt in our minds that Netherlands are going to finish first in the group and that Senegal, the best African team at the tournament will go through. However placing Qatar above Ecuador is a bold move indeed! We believe Qatar’s home advantage will put them above Ecuador.

Group B

1 England
2 United States
3 Wales
4 Iran

Another hard one to predict. England are clear favorites and we believe they will have no problem going through from the 1st position. Even though Carlos Queiroz’s Iran has some serious talent at his disposal, in the likes of Mehdi Taremi, we believe they have a weaker squad than Wales and the US. Not a lot between Wales and US, but we think America will edge it.

Group C

1 Argentina
2 Mexico
3 Poland
4 Saudi Arabia

Group C looks to be a bit easier to predict, as World Cup favorites, Argentina are more than likely to win their group. Mexico always puts up a show in the group stage, while Poland with Lewandowski look stronger than Saudi Arabia.

Group D

1 France
2 Denmark
3 Australia
4 Tunisia

Even though Denmark have a very strong team, we cannot predict anyone else but France to finish top of Group D. Denmark should come second, while Australia and Tunisia will most likely battle it out for 3rd place in the group, with the Aussies having an advantage.

Group E

1 Germany
2 Spain
3 Japan
4 Costa Rica

Even though Luis Enrique received a lot of criticism for his selection for the World Cup, we strongly believe that Spain has a good squad and there is no way they are not going to qualify from their group. Germany however, will most likely top the group. Not a lot between Japan and Costa Rica, but recent years saw a lot of Japanese talent playing in Europe, we believe they have the edge.

Group F

1 Croatia
2 Belgium
3 Canada
4 Morocco

Another hard one to predict. Even though both Canada and Morocco have great squads, we believe it is Croatia and Belgium who will go through, in that order. They have enough experience and star power to go through, with serial winners such as Modric, KDB or Courtois. Canada will most likely finish 3rd in this tough group, followed by Morocco.

Group G

1 Brazil
2 Serbia
3  Switzerland
4 Cameroon

Oh boy, is this a hard one… Brazil are clear favorites in the group and probably for reaching the Final as well. Excluding them, there is not a lot dividing the other 3 teams. Cameroon has a talented team, while Switzerland always performs at tournaments. Our pick to go through is Serbia though, with a great squad and they qualified from 1st place in a group with Portugal.

Group H

1 Portugal
2 Uruguay
3 South Korea
4 Ghana

We’ll confess, we actually wanted to throw a curve ball and predict that Uruguay are going to finish top of Group H, but then we remembered just how scary a motivated Cristiano Ronaldo can be. He is having a rough season, but there is no way he forgot how to score goals and Portugal has a class team. Uruguay will come second, Korea and Ghana to battle it out for 3rd.