World Cup – Semi Finals and Final Predictions

Spoiler alert, we do not have a good track record with these predictions. With this being said, here are our predictions for the Semi Finals and the Final of the World Cup in Qatar, 2022!

Semi Finals


Hard to look past Argentina on this one, despite Croatia having one hell of a tournament so far. It seems the stars are alligned for Lionel Messi to win his first World Cup, with Argentina getting a relatively easy path to the final and some national teams struggling to play well against them. We can see this going to extra time, or even to penalties, however Albicelestes are favorites and most of the World will want them to reach the Final and for Messi to lift the trophy. Never underestimate the fighting spirit Croatia though, with their brilliant captain, Luka Modric!


How far is too far for a surprising team such as Morocco? Hard to say, but the Africans willnot want their dream to end in the Semis, they want to go all the way! They had a very hard group with Croatia, Belgium and Canada, they battled it out against their Northern neighbours in Spain and Portugal and they are deservedly in the Semis, with their only conceded goal being an own goal. They did not meet a team like France before though. Les Bleus, despite facing an injury crisis, have the best squad at the tournament and they have more means than one to beat any team. We think they will reach the finals once more.



Will Argentina be able to achieve the dream of many millions across the World and help Messi lift the World Cup trophy? Yes, we think so. There is nothing more dramatic than Argentina to beat the reigning champs, the best team in order to win the tournament and it seems everyone in world football loves drama. Is Argentina the best team in Qatar? No, or at least they didn’t manage to prove that in their 5 games they’ve played so far. Does Messi deserve a World Cup for his remarkable career? You are not “owed” anything in football, however there is no question about his quality and no one would dare say anything he wins is undeserved. We believe Argentina will win the World Cup 2022!