Champions League 23/24 – Group Stage – Round 5

Amidst the thrilling chaos of the Champions League group stage, round five treated us to a whirlwind of football moments. Now, let’s dig into the aftermath, exploring the results and peeping at how our favorite teams are sailing through the rankings, aiming for that ultimate European dream.


28.11.2023 19:45*Lazio*Lazio2*Celtic*Celtic0
28.11.2023 19:45*Shakhtar Donetsk*Shakhtar Donetsk1*Antwerp*Antwerp0
28.11.2023 22:00*Feyenoord*Feyenoord1*Atletico Madrid*Atletico Madrid3
28.11.2023 22:00*Paris Saint Germain*Paris Saint Germain1*Newcastle*Newcastle1
28.11.2023 22:00*AC Milan*AC Milan1*Borussia Dortmund*Borussia Dortmund3
28.11.2023 22:00*Manchester City*Manchester City3*RB Leipzig*RB Leipzig2
28.11.2023 22:00*BSC Young Boys*BSC Young Boys2*FK Crvena Zvezda*FK Crvena Zvezda0
28.11.2023 22:00*Barcelona*Barcelona2*FC Porto*FC Porto1
29.11.2023 19:45*Galatasaray*Galatasaray3*Manchester United*Manchester United3
29.11.2023 19:45*Sevilla*Sevilla2*PSV Eindhoven*PSV Eindhoven3
29.11.2023 22:00*Bayern Munich*Bayern Munich0*FC Copenhagen*FC Copenhagen0
29.11.2023 22:00*Arsenal*Arsenal6*Lens*Lens0
29.11.2023 22:00*Real Madrid*Real Madrid4*Napoli*Napoli2
29.11.2023 22:00*SC Braga*SC Braga1*Union Berlin*Union Berlin1
29.11.2023 22:00*Benfica*Benfica3*Inter*Inter3
29.11.2023 22:00*Real Sociedad*Real Sociedad0*Red Bull Salzburg*Red Bull Salzburg0

Lazio secured a decisive 2-0 victory against Celtic, while Atletico Madrid showcased their prowess with a dominant 3-1 win against Feyenoord, underscoring their ambitions in the tournament.

In one of the highlight matches of the round, Paris Saint Germain faced off against Newcastle in an intense battle that culminated in a 1-1 draw, leaving both sides sharing the spoils. Meanwhile, Borussia Dortmund emerged triumphant with a convincing 3-1 win over AC Milan. This means Dortmund are through from the group of death, they will be joined by either of the 3 teams.

In a thrilling encounter, Manchester City claimed a narrow 3-2 victory against RB Leipzig. Young Boys beat Crvena Zvezda in the other match of the group.

Shakhtar Donetsk narrowly clinched a 1-0 win over Antwerp. Barcelona edged past FC Porto with a 2-1 win, securing a vital three points in the group stage.

The drama continued as Galatasaray and Manchester United played out a thrilling 3-3 draw. This result leaves ManUtd on the brink of Europa League football. In the other match of the group, Bayern Munich faced a stalemate as they settled for a goalless draw against FC Copenhagen.

PSV Eindhoven managed a narrow 3-2 victory against Sevilla. Arsenal dominated their match against Lens, securing a resounding 6-0 victory.

Real Madrid showcased their dominance with a commanding 4-2 win over Napoli, highlighting their formidable strength in the tournament. Meanwhile, SC Braga and Union Berlin ended their clash with a 1-1 draw.

In an electrifying encounter, Benfica and Inter put on a show, sharing the spoils in a thrilling 3-3 draw. Real Sociedad and Red Bull Salzburg concluded their match in a goalless stalemate, leaving both sides level at the final whistle.


1*Bayern Munich*Bayern Munich541011 : 613
2*FC Copenhagen*FC Copenhagen51227 : 85
3*Galatasaray*Galatasaray512210 : 125
4*Manchester United*Manchester United511312 : 144

Bayern are through from first place. Man Utd still has a chance to go through, but it’s not in ETH’s team’s hands anymore.

1*Arsenal*Arsenal540115 : 312
2*PSV Eindhoven*PSV Eindhoven52217 : 98
3*Lens*Lens51224 : 105
4*Sevilla*Sevilla50236 : 102

Arsenal are through from first place. Lens still has a chance to beat PSV to second place.

1*Real Madrid*Real Madrid550013 : 515
2*Napoli*Napoli52128 : 97
3*SC Braga*SC Braga51136 : 104
4*Union Berlin*Union Berlin50234 : 72

Real Madrid are through from first place, Braga can still go through with a win over Napoli.

1*Real Sociedad*Real Sociedad53207 : 211
2*Inter*Inter53208 : 511
3*Red Bull Salzburg*Red Bull Salzburg51133 : 54
4*Benfica*Benfica50144 : 101

Real Sociedad and Inter are through. Order will be decided in the last match.

1*Atletico Madrid*Atletico Madrid532015 : 611
2*Lazio*Lazio53117 : 510
3*Feyenoord*Feyenoord52038 : 86
4*Celtic*Celtic50143 : 141

Atletico and Lazio are through, Feyenoord to play Europa League football.

1*Borussia Dortmund*Borussia Dortmund53116 : 310
2*Paris Saint Germain*Paris Saint Germain52128 : 77
3*Newcastle*Newcastle51225 : 55
4*AC Milan*AC Milan51223 : 75

Dortmund are through, the other 3 teams will battle it out for the second place.

1*Manchester City*Manchester City550015 : 515
2*RB Leipzig*RB Leipzig530211 : 99
3*BSC Young Boys*BSC Young Boys51136 : 114
4*FK Crvena Zvezda*FK Crvena Zvezda50145 : 121

Man City are through from first place, Leipzig from second.

1*Barcelona*Barcelona540110 : 312
2*FC Porto*FC Porto530210 : 59
3*Shakhtar Donetsk*Shakhtar Donetsk53027 : 79
4*Antwerp*Antwerp50053 : 150

Barcelona are through, most likely from first place. Shakhtar can still beat Porto to second place.

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