Premier League – Matchday 16

The Premier League is heating up as we approach the halfway point of the season. With a number of teams vying for the title and the relegation zone looking increasingly perilous, every game is a must-win. In this article, we’ll take a look at the results from Round 16 and see how the table has shaped up.

9.12.2023 14:30*Crystal Palace*Crystal Palace1*Liverpool*Liverpool2
9.12.2023 17:00*Brighton*Brighton1*Burnley*Burnley1
9.12.2023 17:00*Manchester United*Manchester United0*Bournemouth*Bournemouth3
9.12.2023 17:00*Sheffield Utd*Sheffield Utd1*Brentford*Brentford0
9.12.2023 17:00*Wolves*Wolves1*Nottingham Forest*Nottingham Forest1
9.12.2023 19:30*Aston Villa*Aston Villa1*Arsenal*Arsenal0
10.12.2023 16:00*Everton*Everton2*Chelsea*Chelsea0
10.12.2023 16:00*Fulham*Fulham5*West Ham*West Ham0
10.12.2023 16:00*Luton*Luton1*Manchester City*Manchester City2
10.12.2023 18:30*Tottenham*Tottenham4*Newcastle*Newcastle1

In an action-packed Round 16 of the Premier League, Liverpool secured a hard-fought victory against Crystal Palace with a 2-1 scoreline. Manchester United, with their Champions League survival on the line next week, faced a surprising 3-0 defeat against Bournemouth, while Aston Villa secured a close 1-0 win against Arsenal. Everton triumphed over Chelsea with a 2-0 victory, and Fulham stunned West Ham with an impressive 5-0 win. Additionally, Tottenham claimed a 4-1 victory against Newcastle in an electrifying match. The day also witnessed Manchester City securing a 2-1 win against Luton. Meanwhile, several matches ended in draws, with Brighton, Wolves, Sheffield United, and Brentford sharing the spoils.

1*Liverpool*Liverpool16114136 : 1537
2*Arsenal*Arsenal16113233 : 1536
3*Aston Villa*Aston Villa16112335 : 2035
4*Manchester City*Manchester City16103338 : 1833
5*Tottenham*Tottenham1693433 : 2330
6*Manchester United*Manchester United1690718 : 2127
7*Newcastle*Newcastle1682633 : 2126
8*Brighton*Brighton1675433 : 2826
9*West Ham*West Ham1673626 : 3024
10*Fulham*Fulham1663726 : 2621
11*Brentford*Brentford1654723 : 2219
12*Chelsea*Chelsea1654726 : 2619
13*Wolves*Wolves1654721 : 2619
14*Bournemouth*Bournemouth1654721 : 3019
15*Crystal Palace*Crystal Palace1644815 : 2316
16*Nottingham Forest*Nottingham Forest1635817 : 2814
17*Everton*Everton1672720 : 2013
18*Luton*Luton16231117 : 329
19*Burnley*Burnley16221216 : 348
20*Sheffield Utd*Sheffield Utd16221212 : 418

Thanks to their win and Arsenal’s defeat, Liverpool move first on 37 points. Arteta’s men are second, one point above Emery’s Aston Villa. City are 4th, close by on 33 points and Tottenham complete the top 5 with 30.

On the other end of the table, Sheffield United are last on 8 points, same as Burnley. Luton are 18th on 9, while Everton, despite their 10 points penalty are 17th.