Bundesliga – Matchday 4

We had a big derby in the Bundesliga, as the two maximum point teams played each other, as Bayern came up against Leverkusen, Tuchel faced off against Xabi Alonso. RB Leipzig and Dortmund also won their games. Bundesliga, matchday 4!


15.9.2023Bayern Munich2Bayer Leverkusen2
16.9.2023RB Leipzig3FC Augsburg0
16.9.2023SC Freiburg2Borussia Dortmund4
16.9.2023VfL Wolfsburg2Union Berlin1
16.9.2023FSV Mainz 051VfB Stuttgart3
16.9.2023FC Koln11899 Hoffenheim3
16.9.2023VfL BOCHUM1Eintracht Frankfurt1
17.9.2023FC Heidenheim4Werder Bremen2
17.9.2023SV Darmstadt 983Borussia Monchengladbach3

In the first match of the round and the highlight game of the league this weekend, it was 2nd placed Bayern Munich playing against 1st placed Bayer Leverkusen. The match ended 2-2, and a draw was recorded. Tuchel’s men went up two times, however Leverkusen found themselves back into the game both times.
In another important fixture RB Leipzig played versus FC Augsburg. The final result was 3-0, RB Leipzig winning the match, Xavi Simmons on the scoresheet once more.. In the next match SC Freiburg coming up against Borussia Dortmund. After a fierce battle, the match ended 2-4, SC Freiburg walking home with 0 points.
In the last match of the matchday, we had newly promoted SV Darmstadt 98 coming up against Borussia Monchengladbach and After 90 minutes it was 3-3, both teams getting a point each.

Wolfsburg, VfB Stuttgart, Hoffenheim and FC Heidenheim also won their respective games.


1Bayer Leverkusen431013 : 510
2Bayern Munich431011 : 410
3RB Leipzig430113 : 49
4VfB Stuttgart430114 : 69
51899 Hoffenheim430110 : 69
6VfL Wolfsburg43017 : 59
7Borussia Dortmund42208 : 58
8Union Berlin42029 : 76
9Eintracht Frankfurt41304 : 36
10SC Freiburg42025 : 106
11FC Heidenheim41128 : 94
12Werder Bremen41036 : 93
13VfL BOCHUM40314 : 93
14FC Augsburg40227 : 122
15Borussia Monchengladbach30125 : 91
16FC Koln40133 : 71
17FSV Mainz 0540133 : 121
18SV Darmstadt 9830032 : 100

Bayer Leverkusen are still first, same amount of points as Bayern: 10. Xabi Alonso’s team are proving week in, week out that they have improved a lot this season. RB Leipzig, VfB Stuttgart, Hoffenheim and Wolfsburg are all on 9 points. Dortmund are 7th on 8.
SV Darmstadt 98 are still last and not looking good with 0 points. The trio of Mainz, Koln and Monchengladbach are all on 1.