FIFA 23: Ones to Watch promo

EA Sports released the first proper promo of FIFA23: Ones to Watch. As we all know, these are dynamic cards and they upgrade when the player gets an Inform or a Man Of the Match card. This time around we have other options for upgrades as well, but first, let’s see the team!

We have the biggest transfers of the summer in the promo, including the big attackers who moved clubs:

  • Haaland to City
  • Lewandowski to Barcelona
  • Mane to Bayern
  • Jesus to Arsenal
  • Darwin Nunez to Liverpool
  • Antony to ManUtd
  • Dybala to AS Roma

For other positions we have:

  • Rudiger to Real Madrid
  • Tchouameni to Real Madrid
  • Adams to Leeds
  • Tolisso to Lyon
  • Schlotterbeck to Dortmund

We also have a Kessie SBC and a Richarlison objective!

Kessie – FUTBIN link

Richarlison – FUTBIN link

There are obviously a few players missing, there is a chance we might see some of the players in SBCs, or in the mini-release, which is probably coming on Sunday.

EA also released an article about the way the upgrades work, it can be found HERE. This is the interesting part:

Ones To Watch players are also eligible for a “Wins to Watch” upgrade, a one-time upgrade to their stats if their team wins three matches out of their next eight domestic league games starting from Friday 30th September.

The FIFA World Cup 2022™ will have a big impact on how the season shapes up. During the tournament, as Team of the Week is paused, we’ll be adding a brand new upgrade opportunity for Ones to Watch Items called “Nations to Watch”. Nations to Watch will see Ones to Watch Items become eligible for a one-off In-Form upgrade if their national team wins a game at the FIFA World Cup 2022™, regardless of whether the player is on the pitch, on the bench or watching from home. 

Apart from the MOTM and TOTW upgrades, OTW players will get upgrades if their team wins 3 out of their next 8 matches AND if they national team wins ONE match at the World Cup.

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