Introducing: Regional Dream Teams


Since the end of 2022, Generation:Football has been posting on social media, asking our followers for the best players in some positions, based in given regions. It is time to see what’s this all about!

>> Link to Regional Dream Teams page <<

Our aim is to figure out the best squad for every region/continent. Sometimes we go for full football federations(ie CONMEBOL/CONCACAF), sometimes for geographical accuracy(Turkey/Malta in Asia), while sometimes we split continents up like we do with Eastern and Western Europe. Mind you, this is all a bit of fun and the aim is to have somewhat balanced teams, that’s why you see nations like Austria or Finland in Eastern Europe. The goal is to have interesting and unique teams.

You can check each region, the countries and the players who have already been nominated below:

There are a few phases to this project, we are currently in phase 1, which is basically gathering all the eligible players for all the regions. A player is added to the pool of nominees if it is posted under our entry on social media. You can do this on either Twitter or Facebook. Note, you can add players retrospectively, until phase 1 closes and the voting begins!

Before the second phase, we will review every player, then set up the voting system. As you might have guessed, phase 2 will be you, our followers voting on these players! The exact details of the voting are not decided yet, will keep you posted.

Phase 3 is all about presentation! We will present the squads, starting elevens are more!

Get involved, add your favorite players, vote on them and watch the Regional Dream Teams unfold!