My UCL Fantasy Team – Semi Finals, 1st leg

Last matchday wasn’t the best, as we have managed to gather only a total of 42 points. City didn’t dominate, Napoli and Benfica got eliminated, which spelt bad news for us.

New week, new chance though, let’s get started with the transfers!

We had not less than 6 players who got eliminated, so we couldn’t replace everyone. This means eliminated Sommer stays in our team.

First and foremost, Real Madrid will play City at home and even though we believe City are clear favorites, it is sometimes unwise to bet against Real Madrid in the UCL knockouts, especially in Madrid. This basically means we are trying to stay away from adding even more players from City, however we only add one from Real Madrid as well.

Let’s don’t forget our team is already PACKED with City players, since last matchday. Carvajal has been decent in big matches, so he looks like a decent addition.

We are focusing on the other match, the Milan derby. With Leao out from Milan, we believe Inter are favorites, so we added a total of 4 Inter players. Might sound reckless, but desperate times need desperate measures.

Our team looks like this:

Five City players for today, together with 4 Real Madrid players. Assigning the captaincy role is difficult, however Vini Jr has been great in European matches and the Santiago Bernabeu can push him towards yet another classical match.

For tomorrow we are all in for Inter, with not less than 5 Inter players.

How are we doing this matchday?