Premier League – Matchday 38

The Premier League is over for season 2022/2023! Let’s see what happened in the last round.


28.5.2023Aston Villa2Brighton1
28.5.2023Brentford1Manchester City0
28.5.2023Crystal Palace1Nottingham Forest1
28.5.2023Leicester2West Ham1
28.5.2023Manchester United2Fulham1

The matchday started with Arsenal playing against Wolves. With the Gunners having nothingt to play for, they’ve put on a show and at after 90 minutes it was 5-0. In the next match Brentford up against champions, Manchester City. With Pep’s side having to focus on two finals, they didn’t do a lot for the win and the final score was 1-0, Brentford grabbing the 3 points. In the next match we had Chelsea versus Newcastle. No team had anything to play for and after 90 minutes it was 1-1, the teams splitting the points.
For one of the highlight matches of the round we had Leeds facing Tottenham. Leeds needed points to avoid relegation, however they failed to achieve their goals, the match ending 1-4, Tottenham securing the 3 points. Bitter taste for both teams, Spur are out of Europe, while Leeds are relegated. In the last match of the matchday, we had Southampton meeting Liverpool and The final result was 4-4, the teams splitting the points. Southampton to the Championship, Liverpool to Europa League.


1Manchester City38285594 : 3389
2Arsenal38266688 : 4384
3Manchester United38236958 : 4375
4Newcastle381914568 : 3371
5Liverpool381910975 : 4767
6Brighton381881272 : 5362
7Aston Villa381871351 : 4661
8Tottenham381861470 : 6360
9Brentford381514958 : 4659
10Fulham381571655 : 5352
11Crystal Palace3811121540 : 4945
12Chelsea3811111638 : 4744
13Wolves381181931 : 5841
14West Ham381172042 : 5540
15Bournemouth381162137 : 7139
16Nottingham Forest389111838 : 6838
17Everton388121834 : 5736
18Leicester38972251 : 6834
19Leeds387102148 : 7831
20Southampton38672536 : 7325

Manchester City won the Premier League once again. The four teams who have qualified to the Champions League are: City, Arsenal, Man United and Newcastle United.
Southampton, Leeds and Leicester are relegated to the Championship. Everton and Forest live to see another season in the Prem!