Regional Dream Teams: VOTING OVER

Hi everyone, just a quick note: the voting phase for Regional Dream Teams is now over! The votes are in, the best squads are decided, your favorite players are going to make the final squads!

Just a few more things we wanted to share:

  • A total of more than 2600 votes have been casted, which means about 50 different people voted! We are a new site, this is a big number for us, so thank you very much!
  • Obviously every vote counts and the players with the most votes will be included in the squads, however there were a few players who were nominated to more than one category, which means that we had to make decisions on which players to add and remove in some cases.
  • We will be releasing one region per day, however there might be days in which we won’t release a Regional Dream Teams post, due to other content. Tomorrow you will see the squad for South America.
  • In each post, we will provide a starting 11 for the specific region, however this does not mean that the players with the most votes will feature in this eleven. We will mention this in each individual post though.
  • This dream team is for the beginning of 2023. We will hopefully have something similar for 2024 as well!

Another huge THANK YOU for everyone who got involved with nominations and voting. Hopefully this whole process was/is as much fun for you guys as for Generation:Football!

Stay tuned, the final teams are coming!