Rulebreakers promo + Mini Release

EA Sports’ latest FIFA promo is none other than Rulebreakers. First of all, let’s see what are they exactly.

Forget what you thought you knew—the Rulebreakers are here.

One by one, their signature playing styles have been flipped on their head, adding unexpected facets to their games to vie for a place in your Ultimate Team. Each Rulebreaker is an opportunity to reinvent how you build your squad with players that can break the mould and shine in new roles. 


What this means in practical terms is that the selected players got one of their stats nerfed, while they got upgrades all across the board and one specific stat got a massive upgrade.

Now onto the players!

Cristiano Ronaldo is obviously the highlight of the show, he got a massive upgrade in dribbling, with a slight nerf to his shooting.

Pique reminds us of the old Scream Pique, which did haunt everyone. Dzeko also got a massive upgrade to his pace, making him probably the best Serie A striker. Bonucci also becomes usable, with his pace upgrade.

Wilfred Zaha is always a nice addition to any Premier League team, while Philips will most likely be overshadowed by other options, but Godfrey looks like an amazing option for CB. In La Liga, Jesus Navas is probably the best Right back available.

On Sunday, we also got a mini release.

Some exceptional players once more. While Chicharito might mostly have the nostalgia factor going for him, Bailey and Robertone seem like genuinely amazing players.