Site update – Front page restructure

Hello fellow football fans, nice to have you here! We are here today to discuss changes to the structure of our front page and the vision of Generation:Football as a whole.

From today onwards, real life football and FIFA will be seperated to two different categories on our front page.

We hope this change is the first step in the direction of splitting our content into different categories and providing ease of access into the desired parts of the website our viewers wish to visit. Basically if you want to come to Generation:Football only because of the football content, you are able to jump into that easily. If you are here because of FIFA, you are one click away from that, not having to navigate through football articles.

For football contact, you can bookmark THIS PAGE.

For FIFA, visit HERE.

For Site Updates, visit HERE.

We also have this split available directly from the left side menu.

Other than splitting up our content based on categories, we have also polished the look of the sidebar a bit. The right hand side category list is a dropdown.

Obviously, the website is always a work in progress, expect bigger and better things in the near future! Thanks for reading, enjoy the day!