World Cup Qatar 2022 – Day 7

Day 7 of the World Cup brought a dominant France, hope for Argentina and Australia and Lewandowski’s first ever World Cup goal. Find out what happened in Qatar today!

Group C
M. Duke 23′

Tunisia: F. Sassi 46′, W. Khazri 67′, T. Y. Khenissi 73′, W. Kechrida 73′
Australia: J. Maclaren 64′, A. Hrustic 64′, M. Degenek 75′, K. Baccus 85′, A. Mabil 85′

This Group C clash between Tunisia and Australia wasn’t the most entertaining match of the tournament, as shown by the fact that both teams had less than 1 xG. With that being said, Tunisia, who drew versus Denmark in the first round, will be left disappointed after the match, as they had the better statistics and Australia’s GK was their best player, except maybe big chances. Theoretically both teams can still go through.

Poland2Saudi Arabia0
Group D
P. Zielinski 39′
R. Lewandowski 82′

Poland: J. Kaminski 63′, K. Piatek 71′
Saudi Arabia: N. Al Abed 46′, S. Al Ghannam 65′, A. Al Oboud 85′, N. Al Dawsari 85′, H. Bahebri 90′

Another team who will walk away from today’s match, feeling like they were destined for more is Saudi Arabia. KSA dominated the match against Poland by all metrics, having a higher xG, more shots and possession. They even missed a penalty by their hero against Argentina, Al-Dawsari. Poland did manage to score though and that’s what football is about. 2-0 for the Europeans, however both teams can still go through.

Group C
K. Mbappe 61′
K. Mbappe 86′
A. Christensen 68′

France: M. Thuram 63′, I. Konate 75′, K. Coman 75′, Y. Fofana 90′
Denmark: M. Braithwaite 46′, K. Dolberg 73′, C. Norgaard 85′, A. Bah 90′

Even though the scoreline might suggest a close match, France were much better than Denmark today. They had an xG of 2.4(compared to Denmark’s 0.64), 21 shots and quite a few chances. Mbappe was lethal and Griezman is probably the best player at the tournament so far. Denmark managed to equalise at one point, thanks to a Christen header, however they are fully aware that their opponents in this group are Australia and Tunisia and not Les Bleus, who are looking like favorites at this World Cup.

Group D
L. Messi 64′
E. Fernandez 87′

Argentina: E. Fernandez 57′, J. Alvarez 63′, N. Molina 63′, E. Palacios 69′, C. Romero 69′
Mexico: E. Gutierrez 42′, U. Antuna 66′, R. Jimenez 66′, R. Alvarado 73′

Quite a low quality match, probably not what most people expected from this game. There were a lot of fouls and not a lot of chances. In the first half, both teams were equally poor. Messi however broke the deadlock with a shot from outside the box, in the 64th minute, to which Ochoa reacted too late. Benfica’s Enzo Fernandez added another with a very nice curling shot, after a corner. Overall Argentina looked like the better squad, Mexico has been quite poor. Argentina are now favorites to go through, Mexico need a miracle.