FIFA 23 News: New icons and FUT ambasador ratings

After EA Sports accidentally released the game for a few people and player ratings got leaked, we now have the official ratings of some of the top players, together with information on some new icons. Let’s check these out!

New icons

Fans of Gerd Muller and Xabi Alonso will most likely feel that EA have done their favorite player dirty. Based on older FIFAs, there is no way a 70 pace Central Midfielder will be useful, while Gerd Muller also has some weird face stats, considering he is one of the best Strikers ever to play. Jarzinho on the other hand looks quite good, better than Garrincha in some aspects.

FUT Ambasador ratings

FIFA UT ambassador ratings

As you can see, quite a few upgrades compared to the last FIFA. Possibly the most important one and the one player who will be wanted by most FIFA fans: Vinicius Jr. Vini got a +6, with presumably a nice boost to his composure. Fellow Real Madrid player Fede Valverde also got an upgrade to 84 and he seems like a very good option for midfield. Pedri got an even bigger upgrade, but despite being 85 rated, his face stats don’t look so impressive.

Gold Mbappe will most definitely be the best card in the game, especially at the beginning, until we get the all the top special cards. We are yet to see Neymar’s and Messi’s official cards, but we have a hunch that Ligue 1 will be a very nice league to build your team in.

As usual, most people will probably build a Premier League team, Van Dijk, Son, Havertz and Pulisic all look like good cards. Grealish with his 76 pace will probably not be fast enough to make most teams, especially on the wing. Jude Bellingham also got a nice upgrade and he will most definitely be used to build hybrids. Perhaps linking him to the now 84 rated Alphonso Davies?

Vlahovic and Joao Felix all look like good options, especially considering Felix will most likely retain his 5 star week foot. Vlahovic got a nice pace upgrade, he’ll most likely be a very decent Serie A card.

Tomorrow, the 12th of September, EA Sports will release the rest of the ratings.

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