FIFA 23 News: More ratings revealed!

Hello and welcome! We are back with another article regarding FIFA23 Ultimate Team, with even more ratings! After releasing the ratings for the FUT Ambasadors, EA decided to bless us with the top 23 ratings, the top Premier League players, but also the players whos rating improved the most!

Top 23 ratings

You can check the top 23 ratings HERE!

These player ratings were mostly known, by some mean or another, but now they are officially released. We are going to have not less than 5 players with join highest ratings: Karim Benzema, Robert Lewandowski, Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe and Kevin de Bruyne. Going one rating point lower, we have another 5 with 90. This is where we see Ronaldo’s butchered pace.

Top Premier League players

Going forward, we can check out the top Premier League players. You can find the list HERE. Not a lot of new information if we are honest. We can see however that Man City has an abundance of high rated players, including the trio of Cancelo, Ruben Dias and Bernardo Silva, all on 88 rating. We can also see the most used CB we will probably see early on:

Most Improved Players

Find out the list of most improved players HERE.

A couple of hidden gems here. The most improved player, with a whopping +15 is none other than PSG’s new signing, Hugo Ekitike. Still unusable though. The Parisian side now employs Vitinha as well, who got a +12. Some nice updates for English players, as Livramento got a +14, Spurs’ Spence a +10, while Ramsdale, Ramsey and Gordon a +8.

Perhaps the pick of the lot comes from RB Leipzig though, with Raum, their new Left Back. A couple of informs and he will be a world beater!

And the same goes for this French beast:

Only a week until the Webapp gets released! Hype!