A month of Generation:Football

We have opened exactly a month ago and what a month it has been! We have released a football related article almost every day, reviewed teams, transfers and players! In this short month:

  • We have opened an Instagram account, follow HERE
  • Opened a TikTok account, follow HERE
  • Made small changes to the website’s design, read about it HERE
  • Created a 4 parts series about this summer’s transfer mercato, read the articles HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE
  • Reviewed each weekend’s matchday, HERE
  • Started integrating FIFA content, HERE
  • Covered the Champions League, HERE
  • Reviewed my UCL Fantasy team, HERE, etc

Other notable articles which we are proud of:

So what’s next?

As you might remember, we had a few goals outlined at the beginning of our journey:

  • Interactive features
  • Advanced player statistics
  • Live results
  • Site redesign

Even though, as mentioned, we have made small design changes to the website, we are far from done. We have huge plans for website features, which will also mean that the site’s design will change. We want to bring you stats, live match results and interactive features. We don’t know how long will it take, but we’ll get there.

We have started releasing FIFA content, so you can also expect some movement on that front. FIFA might play an important part in Generation:Football’s future. We want to make the website easy to follow for everyone, whether the user visits us for football, or virtual footbal.

Don’t forget, if you want to help the development of the website, you can donate us some beer/coffee money.

Cheers for reading and here’s to more months of Generation:Football!