My UCL Fantasy team – Matchday 2

Let’s address the elephant in the room, matchday 1 didn’t go according to plan. In fact it went horribly.

69 points is by no means a decent result. Lewandowski would have been an obvious choice, but I somehow overlooked him. Oh well, every loss is a learning experience, so it’s time to switch into the 2nd gear and get back on track!

As I have only 2 transfer possibilities and I don’t plan on using my Wildcard or Limitless tokens just yet, we need to make sure we figure out who to replace. Let’s start by looking at the fixtures of my players.


Man City vs Dortmund – I have Haaland from City, Hazard and Reus from Dortmund.

Bayern Munchen vs Barcelona – I have Davies, Gnabry(Bayern), Kounde, Araujo and Pedri(Barca)

Porto vs Brugge – Mignolet from Brugge


Real Madrid vs RB Leipzig – I have Werner(RB), Tchouameni, Alaba and Courtois(Madrid)

Chelsea vs Salzburg – Reece James from Chelsea

Juventus vs Benfica – Neres from Benfica

First of all, City are favorites, no way Haaland is leaving my squad. Mignolet is cheap, he is staying. Real Madrid are favorites as well, meaning Tchouameni, Alaba and Courtois are also staying. Chelsea has an easy fixture vs Salzburg, so James is in, Neres with Benfica are in good form, he is also in.

This leaves me with having to pick two out of:

  • T. Hazard
  • Reus
  • Davies
  • Gnabry
  • Kounde
  • Araujo
  • Pedri
  • Werner

Having 5 different players from the same games seems counter intuitive. Barca are in good form, but having 2 defenders against Bayern is dangerous. Kounde is assisting non-stop, so Araujo is out, Pedri, Kounde, Davies and Gnabry are staying.

Real Madrid are conceding way more than City, so I have decided to keep Werner and get rid of Thorgan Hazard. Reus is only 1 million more expensive than Hazard, so it makes sense, as the German is way more lethal.

So who to add?

After checking the matches, I believe the easiest matches are Inter vs Viktoria and Maccabi Haifa vs PSG. So one player from each: going with Dumfries and Verratti. Inter are probably not going to rest any players, given how hard their group is. Gosens would have also been an option, but there is a chance that Darmian plays instead of the German.

As for Verratti and PSG, the Italian did play in every match this season, so there is a chance that he’ll get his rest against Maccabi. However he did get subbed off in the 62nd minute in the weekend, so I’m expecting he’ll start. Picking any midfielder from PSG is a risk, given how many options they have, but I’m willing to take the risk.

After subbing in the players who play on Tuesday, this is what we have: