My UCL Fantasy team – Matchday 3

Last round we got a total of 76 points, which is better than Matchday 1. We’re getting there! Check out my UCL Fantasy team for Matchday 3 of the Champions League!

Gnabry provided a big fat nothing as captain, meanwhile Werner and Reece James also brought us very little. Other than that, it’s decent. Need to keep the improving trend going!

Don’t forget, I have only 2 transfer possibilities and I don’t plan on using my Wildcard or Limitless tokens just yet. Let’s start by looking at the fixtures of my players.

Who to replace?

This time around, injuries made this pretty straightforward. Courtois, Reus and Kounde are all out injured. As Mignolet is having a good season with Brugge, I have decided to keep him as my only GK this round. It might backfire, but this is what we’re doing. The replaced players will be:

  • Marco Reus
  • Jules Kounde

Reus had a relatively easy game versus Sevilla, while Kounde and Barca are facing Inter, so in normal circumstances we probably wouldn’t have replaced any of these players.

Who to add?

After checking the fixtures, these seem like the easiest matches to me:

  • Bayern – Viktoria Plzen
  • Manchester City – FC Kobenhavn
  • Juventus – Maccabi

You might say Real Madrid versus Shakhtar, but it’s never an easy match for Real versus the Ukrainians. You also might say that it is not going to be easy for Juve, but I believe in the Old Lady.

The obvious choice from these matchups would be Leroy Sane, however he is 9.1mil so it is impossible to add him and another player, with a budget of just 12.6mil. The second best option looks like Jamal Musiala, who assists and scores quite regularly and has done so in the weekend as well. He is in!

Honestly I didn’t want to get too involved with City’s game, as I already have Haaland, can’t afford KDB and Pep has a tendency to switch up his sides against smaller teams like Kobenhavn.

So this brought me to Juventus! They NEED the win, so I am guessing Allegri will use his best 11. I already have enough strikers, so cannot go with Vlahovic or Milik, so my choice is none other than Filip Kostic! Assisted for Serbia, scored for Juve in the weekend, he looks ready. Also only 5.5mil too!

Final squad

Kind of hard to find a captain for Tuesday, probably going to be Haaland for Wednesday. Went with Musiala at the end, as I don’t believe Gnabry is starting. This is the bad boy we are rocking with this round though!

Go team, time to break into the top 5 in the league!

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