FIFA23: Road to the Knockouts

New week, new promo in FIFA23. This time we got the Road to the Knockouts cards, with a special way of upgrading them. These cards get one upgrade each when/if fulfilling the below conditions:

-Two wins over the remainder of the Group Stage

-Qualification for the Knockouts

You can track their progress on a page provided by EA: HERE

Some amazing players.

  • Messi got his first special card and given PSG are favorites in their group, it seems like easy 2 upgrade. Will be expensive
  • Auba, Chelsea’s new signing is a fast, tall Striker with great shooting. What’s not to love? Maybe his price, as he’ll be expensive.
  • Muller was never a FIFA fan favorite until now, but with FIFA23, we might be in for a surprise. Could be used in Bundesliga Teams.
  • Man City’s Foden, as an LW will most definitely be a fan favorite.
  • Valverde is getting his 3rd special card and we are only in October. Real are sure to get through, however they might lose points, because they are as good as qualified.
  • Sule, a lengthy boy from Dortmund, perfect link with OTW Schlotterback, who a lot of players got in the guarenteed OTW.
  • Dembele has always been the go-to RW from La Liga, however we are sure Raphinha takes the case. Barcelona is forced to win their matches, with 2 upgrades, this could be a great card.
  • This one might go under the radar, however this Lemar CM card looks very good. Atletico might not qualify though.
  • Liverpool CB, Konate might be expensive, because of the Prem and France taxes, however it remains to be seen how good he is ingame.
  • FInally, Anguissa from Napoli got an amazing card, well earned as well.

We also cannot forget about the Europa League and Conference players!

All 5 look like very good options.

We also got a nice Kulusevski SBC! Check it on FUTBIN.